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Trainee Jobs

What Are Trainee Jobs?

Trainee jobs allow you to acquire the required skills and experience alongside support also training to ensure you have a successful career.

Type of Trainee Jobs

East Midlands Jobs & Advice typically has over 100 trainee jobs available for job seekers looking to start at entry level on the career ladder and work their way up.

The availability of trainee positions is quite varied and includes jobs in the following categories: electricians, engineers, finance, graduate opportunities, IT jobs and much more.

Why Apply for a Trainee Job?

A great opportunity to forge a new career especially if the potential employer will consider applicants with no experience.

There’s usually structured training and develop plans because today’s trainees are often the future trail blazers and leaders in that company.

A great ‘real world’ example of this is Next, who are doing some great work. They put in place a ‘Personal Trainee Development Guide’ and typically 75% of their current buyers and merchandisers started as trainees.

Notably they hang on to most of them and give their trainees a clear career path of far they can go in the company.

Surgical Trainee Jobs News

Latest Trainee Jobs

Any improvements to existing training packages are always welcome and this is something the Royal College of Surgeons have been implementing, for surgical trainees.

The training has been improved by working with Health Education England (HEE) to pilot new competence-based surgical training programmes.

The aim is to:

  1. Improve the quality of training posts by enhancing the role of trainers and giving them more time with trainees
  2. Changing rotas to allow surgeons to do more training during the day
  3. Developing surgical skills earlier by using more simulation techniques during training
  4. Training and developing the wider surgical team to support trainees, which in turn would deliver better patient care

The pilot training programme for general surgery started in August 2018 and now includes Urology also Vascular surgery, from 2019.

Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery was added from 2020.

This is what Professor Wendy Reid (Director of Education & Quality Health Education England) had to say.

“I’m pleased that Health Education England and The Royal College of Surgeons are working together to explore and pilot these innovative ideas to help meet future patient and service needs through transformation of the surgical workforce”