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Should I Pay Someone to Write My CV?

After a seminar I did recently on how to write a CV, one of the participants remarked “I’d never get someone else to write my CV as it would be generic”

Your career history is unique and so are you.

Whilst some job seekers can write great CV’s, others struggle for a number, of reasons.


A professional CV writer can help to present your career in a compelling way and make that connection to what employers are looking for.

Connecting Your CV With Where You Want to Be Next

The best CV’s are the ones that resonate with the reader.

They do this by being aligned to the role and clearly demonstrating relevant achievements. This is can be achieved by looking at your CV from an external perspective.

To understand what the recruiter is looking for and show in the CV how you meet the requirements. This can be difficult to do if you’re writing your own CV and for instance English isn’t your first language or if you simply struggle with words.


A professional CV writer can help present what you offer clearly and positively.

Being Objective

A CV writer can get you to think differently about the information that should be contained within your CV.

By being objective and asking probing questions they can tease out information you may never have thought of and help to think of ways to quantify achievements.

Facts and figures add a sense of concreteness to the CV.


A one-to-one consultation with a CV writer is imperative to get maximum value out of the process.

You Get Out What You Put In

CV Writing Services

When hiring a CV writer, it is still a two-way process and it is important as a client to invest time and thought. There may be a perception that professional CV writers wave a magic wand and produce amazing CV’s. They can’t do this without the raw ingredients, so it is important to prepare for a consultation beforehand. Define your target jobs to give a focus for the new CV.


By engaging with the process, you can ensure the CV sounds authentic.

What Should I Look Out for When Choosing a CV Writer?

CV Writing Services

If you’re going to invest in professional CV writing services, then do some research first.

  • Make sure the pricing is clear and there are no hidden costs.
  • Get an idea of how long it will take, a service that offers to complete a new CV in 24 hours may not be the best indicator of quality.


It’s better to take your time to get things right – after all you only have one chance to make an impression.


This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.


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