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Graduate Jobs

Graduate Jobs

Graduate Jobs. It’s so important that we value our graduates and provide them with the best opportunities possible.

They tend to be very driven individuals who are our future scientists, top engineers, finance leaders and top industry leaders.




Graduates are very discerning and they tend to have a vivid idea of the type of company they want to work for.

Recruitment is a 2-way process and some employers sometimes forget this and wonder why they struggle to attract the best graduates.


Graduates will be looking for the highest paid opportunities possible but crucially first graduate jobs may not always match such high expectations.

This is where playing the longer game comes into play. By being willing to learn, develop and take on more skills this can also lead to higher salaries.

Personal Development

This is all about employers being willing to invest in the future of their graduates.

Also recognising that ultimately they are also investing and enriching the future of their organisations.

The creation of graduate jobs descriptions should consider the following.

Graduates are more likely to take a position if there’s ongoing training and development also career progression.

Company or Brand Reputation

When applying to local companies the community is often very aware of how employees are treated and the resulting staff turnover.

Who wants to work for a company that treats it’s staff badly and has no interest apart from herding people in then getting rid of them just as quickly.

It’s a false economy and more importantly those companies will struggle to get the best graduates. Even if they do they are unlikely to stay.

Working Environment

Many of us have had experience of toxic work environments that are often created and nurtured by poor managers or leaders.

Graduate Jobs should offer so much more, they should offer hope and opportunity.

Graduates through LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other social media can find out so much about their potential work environments. They want to be in work places with approachable leaders, clear communication structures and flexible working patterns.

Challenging & Enjoyable

The ideal graduate jobs are those that match the candidates degree, skills and interests with that particular job. This is more likely to ensure that graduates are challenged and enjoy what they are doing.


Graduates are often very driven and want to make a difference in the workplace by helping to innovate, create or wanting to get to the top of their organisation.

The companies that have the structures in place to continually train, develop and stimulate their staff are the ones that will have the greatest commercial success.

People can also be motivated by making a difference through developing products or strategies that improve the environment, may have incredible economic benefits or manage services that change lives in the community.