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Who Are Graduate Coach?

Graduate Coach is the UK’s leading graduate coaching company.


They have helped over 500 students and graduates to land graduate-level jobs at a wide range of companies by offering one-to-one coaching, interview training, online courses and books.

Expert Coaching

The founder of Graduate Coach, Chris Davies, has been coaching for over a decade and is passionate about helping candidates to not only turn their degree into a career but to also ensure that they pursue a career that is right for them.

Graduate Coach

Really Useful Job Resources

  • To make your life easier, try out our job seeking resources.
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Achievement Based CV

This guide helps you approach your CV from the perspective of the

Advice for Parents

How to Ensure Your Son or Daughter Lands a Graduate Level Job

Video Interview Guide How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Our Step-By-Step Guide on How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Guide to Interview Questions to Ask

The questions we ask can determine what happens for us.

They can also influence what people think about us, in a large way, also what we find out and therefore learn.