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What Are Gig Economy Jobs?

The name Gig Economy comes from each piece of work being like a separate gig or job. Also known as the collaborative and sharing economy.

Workers are usually connected to potential customers through technology platforms via a website or an App.

Typical Jobs

Job categories tend to be temporary, part-time, short-term & freelance jobs, workers often classed as independent contractors.

Typical jobs include the ones we’re all familiar with like: taxi drivers, delivery drivers/couriers.

What’s quite interesting is there’s quite a lot of skilled, professional, high tech. and higher paid job opportunities that fall into this category. Like robotics, artificial intelligence & developer jobs.

Is It for Me?

You’re often classed as an independent contractor therefore this is no normal 9-5 job, where you have a boss ensuring you hit your various targets.

Self Discipline – Motivation – Flexibility – Development – Education – Training

As mentioned before there is often no boss (in the traditional sense) to set the bar and develop what you do, this has to come from you.

In many of these job categories, there are a lot of people vying for the same work. You therefore need to ensure that your knowledge and skills are as good as the best out there.

This is especially the case in the technology sectors so dedication, on-going education and training are often going to be the difference between you competing effectively & falling short.

If you’re a bit of a free spirit, looking for stop gap jobs while trying to develop your skills or getting more education, wanting to get on the jobs ladder, increase your skills and experience on your CV or crave flexibility, this could well be for you.

The Process

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