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Considerations When Choosing a Job

Do you know exactly what type of job you’re looking for?

It’s often the case that job seekers are not always only motivated by a particular type of job. Highest paid jobs and the overall financial rewards may well be the main consideration as well as, location, hours, career growth & educational opportunities, the team, company history & stability also are you likely to be appreciated & valued in the organisation.

Apply for Some of the Most Highly Desirable Jobs

Software Engineer

This role usually involves maintaining and improving existing software, to scale, also multi-platform coding.

Median Base Salary: £34,106

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Business Analyst

Creation & management of new systems and is one of those critical roles that helps to shape the future of a business. It’s also the bridge between business ideas and capability.

Essential Skills

Agile working, business analysis, business improvement process, digital perspective, innovation, requirements definition & management, stakeholder relationship management & user focus

Median Base Salary: £32,142

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Data Scientist

Turns raw data into valuable insights for companies, in order for them to grow and compete. Also involves complex problem solving. Can be a stimulating and rewarding career.

Essential Skills

Applied maths, statistics & scientific practices, data engineering & manipulation, data science innovation, developing data science capability, domain expertise, programming & build also understanding analysis across the life cycle.

Median Base Salary: £30,791

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Financial Analyst

Financial analysts work across all industries and there’s a high earning potential.

They provide guidance to businesses and individuals, making investment decisions.

Essential Skills

Budget management, Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint, communication skills, financial reporting, financial modeling, financial planning, reconciling, financial statements and certified public accountant.

Median Base Salary: £28,717

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Software Developer

One of the most creative & highest paid jobs, software engineers put software solutions in place by building applications, programs and websites.

Essential Skills

Accuracy & attention to detail, problem solving, mathematical aptitude, programming languages, teamwork, being aware of the latest trends & how they ca best be used in the commercial environment, outstanding organisation & time management also self-development skills to stay in touch with the latest trends.

Median Base Salary: £28,609

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Civil Engineer

They design & manage a wide variety of projects, including bridges, dams, road building, tunnels & building work.

Also they’ll manage project requirements (from start to finish) site & materials testing.

Types of civil engineer include: construction, environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation and water resources.

Essential Skills

Must have a good understanding of industry & government standards, requirements also guidelines.

Communication skills, strong analytical skills, leadership, project management & technical.

Median Base Salary: £28,475

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Audit Assistant

Entry-level assistants who perform basic auditing tasks, usually under the guidance of a senior auditor. In essence they monitor & analyse a company’s financial reports, using spreadsheet software.

This particular position is normally held by a recent graduate or professionals new to the job.

Essential Skills

Self-motivation to learn about new tax & regulatory developments, meticulous attention to detail, determination, strong aptitude for mathematics, problem solving skills, able to meet strict deadlines under pressure and understand the importance of business etiquette.

Median Base Salary: £28,288

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Design Engineer

This is potentially a very exciting career option if you love engineering & have creative talent. It could put you at the forefront of innovation for exciting, new products & systems.

It could lead to you working in any of the following engineering fields: chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, nuclear, aerospace or textiles.

Essential Skills

Sound knowledge of CAD software, problem solving, communication skills, ability to work in a team, knowledge of manufacturing processes & construction methods also an appreciation of business demands.

Median Base Salary: £28,288

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