Successful Job Hunting Strategies


It’s Worth The Time & Effort

Successful job-hunting, strategies mean that you can can be provided with the key information that makes your job searching, so much easier.

Whether it’s your first time in the job market, you’re looking for a change of career or a step up that ladder, the information that we’re providing will be beneficial to you.

As you’ve probably heard before job-hunting is a job in itself, so why not start as you mean to go on by giving this process 100% & working as you would if you were already employed.

What this means is that you need to be super disciplined and have a definite plan of the best way to proceed, set yourself targets and spend a certain number of hours carrying out key tasks, just like you would if you were employed.


Know Yourself

Your strengths and weaknesses, what makes you happy also what drives you to distraction


What Type of Job Do You Want?

Full-time, part-time, temporary, in your local area or a big city move and are you prepared to re-locate?


Good Planning

It’s so important that you have a plan of action that incorporates a number of strategies and these will be discussed in much more detail later on.

Probably the most effective way to deliver this would be to produce a written document that summarises what you want to achieve & just as important, how you’re going to do it.

Then fill in each area with what actions you’re going to take in order to achieve what you want.

Incorporate a section that you can re-visit time after time to record dates & feedback, regarding the progress of every job that you apply for.

You can therefore track your progress, from submitting your CV to being offered an interview.


Assertive & Proactive

The jobs market is all-consuming and waits for no one, so it’s really important that once your personal plan for success is in place you move quickly. Get yourself out there, and as scary as it can be, cold call employers, send off as many letters & applications as possible also network.


successful job hunting strategies

Use the Professionals

Don’t be afraid to use as many resources & tools as you feel you need in order to land your next job.

This includes using job sites like ours, but working smartly and letting the jobs come to you by signing up on the site.

Also utilising ‘Job Alerts’ because once you’ve signed up, they let you know when jobs in your chosen locations & skills become available.

The great news is that you’re fully in charge of the process naming each job alert you’ve set up, deciding on the key-words and the frequency.

LinkedIn are also a good place to find jobs.


Consider Temporary Jobs

This is a really important tip as people often underestimate the potential of what a temporary job can deliver.

  1. The first obvious advantage is (it may not be your first choice option, as your preferred options are permanent jobs) but your building up your skills and experience.
  2. We know of many instances where the offer of a temporary job has led to a permanent position with companies like Rolls Royce, in Derby.


Keep Careful Records

You need to keep revisiting your written document that summarises what you want to achieve & how you’re going to do it and as mentioned before record dates & feedback, regarding the progress of every job that you apply for.



This can be so important as it can help to put you at the head of the queue regarding careers advice, information, access to the right people in recruitment and when a job is about to be advertised.

Again probably the most helpful suggestion I can offer is for you to make a list of all the people in your network. I suspect that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many people are already in your network and you can expand it further beyond friends and family by going through social media contacts, emails, job sites, university sites and online discussion groups.



This could be coaching for creating your killer CV to coaching for interviews or how to make rapid progress within an organisation once you’ve successfully gained employment.

There are also more integrated approaches that incorporate all the above and more, using Career Coaching, that works towards getting the right job for you – not just any job. Particularly important if you’re a graduate.



Successful job hunting strategies will turbo-charge you to where you want to end up, i.e. employed far quicker than a hap-hazard, unplanned approach.



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